PokÉlon NFT’s Available on OpenSea

Bulbasaur Elon Musk

One For Elon

Each PokÉlon is limited edition with a serial number. Number 1/xxx is reserved for Elon. Free of charge. Always.

Elon’s PokÉlon 1



Limited Edition

PokÉlon are limited to 100 max with many being much rarer with the lowest being 3. Get yours for the list price before they are gone! And don’t forget to look out for new offerings.

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Now available

PokÉlon 1 is NOW AVAILABLE. PokÉlon 4, PokÉlon 7, and PokÉlon 25 will be coming soon with many more to follow. Be sure to get the original.

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One for Pokemon

Like Elon, Pokemon also has one reserved for them free of charge. The last one in the set is saved for Pokemon and Pokemon alone.

Pokemon’s PokÉlon #25

“You have to say, ‘Well, why did it succeed where others did not?’”

~ Elon Musk